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VivaTV Is One Of The Best Choices For An Android Content Platform 

If you want an application that will make it easy for you to view your favorite shows from the comfort of your own android device, then one of the best choices that you can go in for is VivaTV. Not only is it seamless and highly functional, but it is also free. Furthermore, it offers an extensive range of features too such as integrated feedback that combines with subtitles to give the viewer the best experience possible. 

If you want access to all the latest content, movies, and shows, then this is an app that you must try out. Furthermore, the catalog that VivaTV offers to its viewers is updated and extended. You can check out whatever TV shows that you find interesting easily through an application such as this. Whether you want to watch movies that have been released before, or the latest released TV shows and movies, there is a little bit of something for everyone with an app such as VivaTV. 

What Are The Features Of This App? 

If you want to check out what the features of VivaTV are before you download the apk, here is a list of the features that the app has to offer: 

  • Extensive and easy to browse catalog: While a lot of streaming platforms have a library, it is often difficult to access the collection effectively because of broken search features that the application offers. This is not a problem that you are likely to encounter with viva TV. Irrespective of whether you are looking for old titles, or whether you are looking for the newer ones, the fact of the matter is that it is tremendously easy and effective to choose the titles that you like the best. 
  • Integrated subtitles: A lot of people prefer to watch videos with subtitles, and a lot more people like to watch foreign videos and find that the only way they can understand what is going on is with the help of subtitles. However, with most streaming platforms, subtitles are not available. If you want a superior viewing experience and want to watch videos with subtitles, you will love this application. 
  • Get information about the video: If you want to access the description of the title, a synopsis, information about the cast, crew, and technical team, all of that information is available as well. 
  • Watch on external devices or players: If you want to watch your favorite shows on a larger screen such as through an Amazon Firestick, you can do that easily through this app too. It supports a variety of external players making it very flexible. 
  • HD videos: There is no point watching pixelated and glitchy videos – everyone likes high-quality videos which make for a smooth viewing experience. It is for this reason that people love VivaTV. 
  • Recommendations: Based on your viewing history and your selections, you can get recommendations to titles that you will likely enjoy. This helps you explore the library and is an awesome tool overall. Try it out for yourself! 

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