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One of the Best Apps for TV Channels 

There are many people who use cable and satellite TV and pay so much extra charges. They don’t even realize that it’s a sheer waste of money and time for them as well as the provider. People also get dissatisfied because they get limited channels and even those channels are the old weary channels which don’t have much to show. The same repeated boring content. So, it’s high time for such users that they ditch the cable and the satellite TV providing limited channels and switch to the new Tivimate apk. With tivimate apk you can watch live TV channels from your IPTV provider on android set-up boxes. It is one of the best apk available for streaming live channels. Many people complain about the buffering, but the fact is that the buffering doesn’t take much time.

It depends on your service provider. If your service provider provides you with a good speed internet, then the buffering in the tivimate apk is even faster. Many people even love the simple, clean, and efficient user interface. You can also easily have multiple subs and it’s well organized. One of the rare parts about the tivimate apk is that it allows recording. The functions of tivimate apk are very awesome. But you will find a bit difficulty in the login credentials as many people found it difficult. There is also a premium version available for which you will have to pay a one-time fee. One of the negatives about the tivimate which you will find is that the buffering of the premium version takes a longer time. Then, there is an EPG guide which is not working. These are a few of the negatives about these applications. But most of the people find this tivimate apk great. It is one of the best players for android TV. You will not report any single crashes. 

There are many good features of the tivimate apk. Some of the best features of tivimate apk are as follows – 

  • Tivimateapk has a modern user interface that is designed for big screens. 
  • It supports multiple playlists also. 
  • In the tivimateapk you can do streaming of various TV shows and movies which have a scheduled TV guide update to. 
  • You can also get your favorite channels in the timivateapk, as I mentioned above about the cables providing old channels, but that’s not the case with the tivimateapk. 
  • It has a customizable TV guide update intervals and panel’s transparency and time out. 
  • It also has a manual channel sorting. 
  • Catch-up and auto frame rate and much more. 

Premium Version – 

You can install the Tivimate apk on FireStick, fire TV, android box. After you have signed up and registered for an account, you can install the tivimate app and set up with your preferred IPTV service. The premium version is the only thing that makes sense in this application; else it’s of no use.  

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